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  • Universal COB SMD BMW Halo Ring Angel Eyes
  • 12-24VDC
    More colors for choice: white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink etc
    Diameter:60mm  70mm  80mm  90mm  100mm  110mm  120mm  130mm  140mm  131mm 145mm
    168 LEDs, integration, and don't see the points of light brightness uniformity, no dark areas
    Price:1 Ring+1Constant Current Drive


1.  Each SMD ring consists of many tiny super bright LEDs, No dark space between every two LEDs .
while other normal SMD rings have a big dark space between every two LEDs.
2. The uniformity SMD ring come with a heat sink outside-connected, it discharge the heat very fast
,and therefore well protect the ring board from over-heated.
3. The brightness of uniformity SMD ring is 2~3 times as bright as other normal SMD ring. 
4. Unitformity SMD ring present a very nice lighting ring to decorate your car's headlamp, and make 
the headlight ring very beautiful, charming and attractive, compared to CCFL and other  SMD rings. 
5. Voltage: 12~24V with constant currency and non-polarity wire design . 
6. Available colors: white, blue and red, yellow and green.
7. Available size: 60mm  70mm  80mm  90mm  100mm  110mm  120mm  130mm  140mm  131mm 145mm.

BMW E318A04 E36 E39 E46 with projector
1990-2000 BMW E36 3-Series all models
1995-2001 BMW E38 7-Series all models
1995-2000 BMW E39 5-Series pre-facelift 
1998-2005 E46 3-Series sedan/touring with PROJECTORS
1998-2003 E46 3-Series coupe/cabrio with PROJECTORS pre-facelift 

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