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  • Single Beam H3 HID Xenon Bulb 35W/55W


Epistar led bulb 

01. HID Xenon Bulbs
02. Socket type: HS5, HIR2, H9, H9B, H8, H7R, H7M, H7, H4, H3C, H3, H16, H13, H12,H11,H10,H1,9007,9006,9005,9004,880,881,H4-2,ect.
03. Colorful Hid bulb available:  3000K, 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000, green, pink, dark blue, purple, ect.
04. High reliability, defective rate<1%, efficacy>83%.
05.Long life time: lighten up by active xenon gas, increase the bulb life to be 3000 hours, ten times of halogen lamp.
06. Working temperature: -40 to +105.
07.Low power consumption: saving 50% electric power, 35W xenon lamp offer more than 3.5 times brightness as a 55W halogen lamp.
08. Water and shock-resistant, internal voltage protection, reverse polarity, open and short-circuit protection.
09. High Brightness: 3 times luminous as that of Halogen Lamp.
10. Color Temperature: from 3000K to 12000K then Halogen 3000K only (the   higher the color temperature the color will turn to be a little bit blue).
11. Ingenious tube design: Easy installation, prevent the tube from short circuit caused by touching the lamp.
12. Convenient installation: Only insert HID xenon lamp into the original lamp hole, fix ballast and connect power supply. No need to alter any part
of original vehicle.
13. Ballast types: Normal/Slim/Can-bus ballast/DC ballast, 35W / 55W. High and reliable quality.

G4 Led Bulb

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