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  • E46 145mm+131mm Super white BMW Halo Ring Angel Eyes
  • Super white 
    145mm x2rings +131mm x2rings 
    78LEDs x 2 rings + 66LEDs x 2 rings 
    with tube


1. Diameter E46 non projector: 145mm x2rings +131mm x2rings. 
2. 66 LEDs x 2 rings + 78 LEDs x 2 rings.
3. Top quality led angel eyes for BMW E46/E36.
4. High power LEDs,Metal body for fast heat releasing,No bulb-out warning message,No need to take off headlampFully compatible for BMW.
5. Plug&play,easy to install,pass error warning test.
6. Make your angel eyes the same white color as your hid headlight.
7. High intensity, high quality and super brightness.
8. Low power consumption and more energy efficient with Protective Thermal Control.
9. No interferece to FM radio.
10. No Computer Reprogramming Needed.
11. 3 Times Brighter than Stock (Less than Half the Power Consumption).
12. Latest Generation SMD LEDs BEST Technology Available.
13. Brightest and Longest Lasting HALOS on the Market.
14. Does not require any additional Inverters or Regulators.
15. Rings feature a 3M Self-Adhesive for Easy Installation.
16. LED for BMW Angel Eyes Kit is 6 times brighter than conventional CCFL for BMW Angel Eyes rings, with no blind point comparing with CCFL rings.

BMW E46 NON projector
1998-2004 BMW E463 Series Wagon( without Projector Lens)
1999-2003 BMW E46 3 Series  Coupe / Convertible   (with Non-Projector Low Beam Headlight )
1995-2005 BMW E46 3 Series  Sedan (with Non-Projector Low Beam Headlight )      

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