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  • 20W E60LCI BMW Angel Eyes


1. Upgrade your old (OEM) Angel Eyes marker bulbs to newest and brightest 10W*2 USA CREE LED upgrades marker bulbs kit, which are 10W USA
CREE Power! Usually OEM angel eyes are stock 3W power, and colors are yellow and rated at 3000K, ADT offer more powerful rated at 7000K and most
whitest. If you looking for brightest and whitest colors angel eyes upgrade, you are in the right place!
2. With 10W LED kit your car would be clearly seen at night and even at day.
10W LED Angel Eyes marker bulbs kit created with new special style, to avoid over heating during the summer time.
3. No O.B.C error messages. No interference with radio.
4. It is direct replacement to your existing bulbs, no modification is required, just plug and play.


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