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  • 80W 6400LM Fan Heatsink Build-in Canbus H13 HI/LOW Beam G5 Cree LED Headlight
  • Fan Heatsink Build-in
    1x CREE LED
    CANBUS No error code
    Input power:  3200LM@high beam, 2600LM@low beam
    Input Voltage: DC12V-DC24V
    Input(A):  H:3.2A±0.2A, L:3.0A±0.2A
    Life-Span: >30000hrs
    Color Temp: 6000K
    Main Body: Aluminum (Die-casting)
    Standard feature: LED chips with lens, lamp detachable
    LED Junction Temp: <60℃
    Cooling Style: Fan Heatsink Build-in
    Models Available: H4/9004/9007/H13


  1. Energy conservation: energy consumption is only with the brightness of the incandescent lamp 1/10, energy-saving lamp 1/4
2. High brightness: in the same power, the brightness is 10 times that of incandescent lamps
3. Environmental protection: no lead, mercury and other elements, is safe to touch, no pollution to the environment
4. Without radiation: does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, no harm to the body
5. Fast response: do not need the time hot start, can shine in microseconds
6. Stability: resistance to vibration, impact-resistant, safe and reliable
7. Long life: up to 5-10 million hours, more than 10 times longer life than incandescent
G5 Models LED headlight: H4 Hi/low, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, 9004 Hi/Low, 9005, 9006, 9007 Hi/Low, H13 Hi/Low, H16, D1, D2, D3, D4

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