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  • 60W 7200LM Fan Heatsink Build-in Canbus 9004 HI/LOW Beam Newest LED Headlight
  • 6000K Pure white for noraml daily use, perfect design bulb for replacing, dull yellowish stock halogen bulb
    Work for BMW for Audi for Chevrolet for Land Rover for Mazda


LED headlight kit

1.Super Bright;3600lm per bulb,7200LM total
2.Best cooling effect;Use ETI flip special car led chips,exclusive designed for auto
3.Waterproof:IP68,can be used in any water conditions
4. Wide area of red copper aluminum, ensuring the quick heat dissipation
5.More stable performance,Temperature below 40℃ under nomal driving conditions, work well on cold season and some cold countries, like Sweden, Russia, Finland, Norway etc.
6. Quick start;Fast on/off response time
7. Long working life;Adavanced heat disspations,working life is more than 50000hours
8. Easy installation;All in one model,same as car original bulb,just replace it directly
9. Perfect 360 degree beam pattern;Add high transmittance quartz glass tube,increasing lighting angel from 120 degrees up to 175 degrees,aliminating the dark areas.
10. Using canbus to decode most high-end car systems and make the led bulb works!
11. They have built-in ballast with heat sink on the back of the led. with only connector attached to led base. 

led car light

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