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  • 60W 7200LM Fan Heatsink Build-in Canbus H4 HI/LOW Beam Newest LED Headlight
    Constant Current Driver Chip 
    Input power:30W
    Input Voltage: DC12V-24V
    Luminosity: 3600LM
    Beam angle: 360°
    Life-Span: >30000hrs
    waterproof rate:IP68 
    Model available: H4/9004/9007
    Fan Heatsink Build-in


1. High temperature resistant,Large scope of heat-resistant of light beads is -40°C to 120°C;
2. High brightness,luminance is as high as 120 lm per watt Long lifetime,Using LED lamp bead from PHLILPS ETI lighting
giant brand,is the assurance of quality and longevityLow thermal resistance,From the heat source of the LED chip,
equipped with high thermal conductivity of the substrate, make the install base board heat to spread to the whole
packaging underside,then let heat quickly spread to the cooling device, through cooling device system would reduce
heat,ensure the normally working of the LED lamp bead temperature, ensure life;
3. High color rendering index,Color rendering index (CRI) is as high as 80, the color temperature of 5700 k s more,
close to natural light;Driver uses full digital automatic control system, there is overpressure, hyperflow ,overheat and automatic protection device of  anti-polarity;
4. Strong EMC anti-interference system make it not to cause interference for car electronic system
Canbus decoding system is built in, so that it will pass the test of the computer system
High conversion efficiency, over 86%, is the guarantee of service life;
5. Has quick response and light up as soon as power on,lighting 100% in 0.1s. Also support fast strobe like twice per second.
High brightness, high power output, lumens is over 3600 lm. At the same time, the design of lamp shades which is the same
as the original car lamp ensure the intensity of illumination requirements and ensure the safety of driving.

6000K Pure white for noraml daily use, perfect design bulb for replacing, dull yellowish stock halogen bulb
Work for BMW for Audi for Chevrolet for Land Rover for Mazda

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