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  • 6000K 56W 5000LM Canbus 9004 HI/LOW Beam G3 CREE LED Headlight
    Input power: 24W @ Low Beam; 28W @ High Beam
    Input Voltage: DC10V-DC32V
    Luminosity: 2100lm@Low Beam; 2500lm@High Beam
    Life-Span: >30000hrs
    Color Temp: 6000K
    Main Body: Aluminum (Die-casting)
    LED Junction Temp: <60℃
    Cooling Style: Fan Heatsink Build-in
    Models Available: H4/9004/9007/H13
    Fan Heatsink Build-in


1. Direct Plug-in Replacement, no extra wiring required
2. With over-heat and fan-failure setup protection
3. Waterproof driver with internal constant current CPU
4. Fans with excellent heat dissipation performance
5. high power, high brightness, penetration;
6. cooling fan, solid aluminum, military grade standard heat;
7. Low-voltage protection, high-precision constant current driver chips
8. Replaces any CAR/MOTORCYCLE currently using G3 HI/Low 6000k head lamp bulbs

6000K Pure white for noraml daily use, perfect design bulb for replacing, dull yellowish stock halogen bulb
Work for BMW for Audi for Chevrolet for Land Rover for Mazda

Key words : CREE LED Headlight

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