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  • Infiniti LED License Plate Lamp


1. 100% plug and play,prefect OEM replacement
2. Each bulb contains heat sink to prevent overheat.
3. No error message, 5 times brightness. 
4. Built-in circuit for 12V DC Voltage.
5. Strict factory QC test, 100% tested for reliability. Quality assure your safety.
6. Quality replacement parts,much longer life-span and lower voltage consumption.
7. Directly change your original yellowish license plate light to this super white light.

FX35/45 2003~2008(Mode:S50)
Q45 1996~2001(Mode:FGY33)
I30/I35 1999~2004(Mode:CA33)
M37/M56 2010~(Mode:Y51)

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