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  • Back and front view Reversing sensor sytsem Car parking sensor system with 6/8 sensors Automatic startup system
  • Parking Assistance Type: Parking Sensor System
    Brand Name: OEM
    Item Length: 22 inch
    Item Width: 18 inch
    Item Height: 5 inch
    Item Weight: 1 kg
    Material Type: enviromental plastic
    Special Features: Detect any object behind the car when reversing to avoid accident
    Sensor Number: 8
    Wire or Wireless: Wire
    Display: LCD
    Item Type: Parking Assistance
    Certificate: CE
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Alert type: Beep/silence/huam speaker optional


Dual core for both back and front view
Super sensitivity with back detecting range 0.3-2.5M and front detecting range 0.3-0.8M
Precise detection up to centimeter
Intelligent detection of obstacle position
Human speaker/ Beep reminder/ Silence optional
Automatic startup system
 Rated Voltage                                                            
 12V DC                                                 
 Operating Range
 10.5V~16V DC
 Rated Current
 Ultrasonic Frequency                                                             
 Controller Working Temperature
 Display Working Temperature
 Back detecting distance
 Front detecting distance                
working procedure
When shift reverse gear, ABCDGH start working (EF not working when shift reverse gear) and display turn on.
 Back sensor   ABCD             
Turn on when shift"R"gear
Show real distance
from 0.3-2.5M                              
 Continuous BI--
 Front sensor  GH                
  Show distance from 0.3-0.8M
 Continuous BI--
 When driving forward and step foot brake, the front GEFH start working
Front sensor  GEFH           
Turn on when there is obstacle within 0.8M.
Show real distance from 0.3-0.8M  
 Continuous BI--
Comparison with ordinary parking sensor
 Ordinary parking sensor
 Dual-core parking sensor
 Distance  showing         
 Rear distance
 Front&rear distance
 Alert type
 Only Beep
Beep, human speaker, silence, human speaker  
Bibi reminder optional
 7 stage adjustable
 Display working way                 
 Once step foot brake, the display turns on    
 When obstacle is detected within 0.8M, the display
turns on 

Car Maker:
Acura,Aston Martin,Audi,Bentley,BMW,Buick,Bugatti,Cadillac,Chevrolet,Chrysler,Dodge,Ferrari,Ford,GMC,Honda,Hummer,Hyundai,Infiniti,Jaguar,Jeep,Kia,Lamborghini,Land Rover,Lexus,Lincoln,Lotus,Maserati,Maybach,Mazda,Mercedes-Benz,Mercury,Mini,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Pontiac,Porsche,Ram,Rolls-Royce,Saab,Saturn,Scion,Shelby,Smart,Subaru,Suzuki,Tesla,Toyota,Volkswagen,Volvo,Opel,renault,peugeot,skoda,yamaha,citroen,Daewoo

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