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  • ADT-HID-PH-D2S-6000K(Philips)


1) Power: 35W
2) Lumination: 3000~ 3500 lm
3) Lifespan: 3000hours
4) Operating ambient temperature range: -40 degree~ +105 degree
5) Color temperature: 4200K-6000k
6) Voltage: 85V
7) wiring: high temperature-risitant, high voltage-resistant  

8) Cover: crystal glass tube of UV-CAT anti-ultraviolet
9) Luminescence way: produced luminous by gases colliding  
10) 100% compatible with original system  
11) Protection functions:
Input warning: enabled
Short circuit protection: enabled
Over / low-current protection: enabled
Voltage output overload / low protection: enabled
Over-temperature protection: enabled
Thunder resistance: enabled

12) High safety


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