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        Hot sale Plasma Halogen bulbs


        Advantage Of Plasma Halogen Bulbs:
        1. plasma bulb is not just an ordinary halogen bulb;      
        2. Plasma bulbs contain xenon and krypton gases, long life;      
        3. High performance quartz bulb, new and improved doublelayer of ion coating;      
        4. Excellent heat shock-resistance      
        5. Precise fitting of bulb in base and completely new base concept      
        6. Serve full range of application: fog, low beam, high beam      
        7. Color available: blue white, super white, golden white

        8500k plasma=8000k xenon
        7500k plasma=6000k xenon
        5800K plasma=5000k xenon
        3500k plasma=3000k xenon
        Please contact us for more about informations. Just sent the inquiry!!!

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