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        Why Choose Wireless Car Logo Laser Door Lights from ADT?
        Special innovative design for all different models of cars and vehicles, no drilling, wireless. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DRILL A BIG HOLE ON YOUR ORIGINAL CAR DOORS ANY MORE! Super easy installation, 3 easy steps only, even you are not an expert, you can do these all by yourself, 3 minutes All Done!

        How to install the special type of car welcome light? 

        1. Start with a flat-blade screwdriver to open the original car welcome light (without removing the door);
        2. Unplug the original car welcome light power cable, remove the original lights (without drilling);
        3. The car-specific 3D laser welcome light power connector interface to connect the original car (the original car power connector plug line);
        4. Insert the card into the car special welcome light in situ;
        5. Open the car power, door switch, laser cast LOGO effect is established;
        6. The installation is complete.


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