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        Universal Drill Type

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        ADT Car welcome light (also known as a welcome light, LED welcome lights, door welcome light, 3D laser welcome light), is a new car with a green light, which is illuminated by the LED light source chip on film, and then through refraction of the lens image on Films presented in the irradiated object, welcome light principle and the principle is similar slide projector. LED light source part adopts advanced constant current control technology, light uniformity, light color full, lasting constant, the entire lamp no pollution, no noise, no electronic interference, so once the market by the majority of owners chasing sticks.

        Welcome light now mainly uses or used car door position, and such a welcome light according to the different models, car standard has different options, has now reached nearly 300 kinds of car standard, to the greatest extent possible to meet the majority of car consumers’ selection.

        How to install the Universal Car welcome light?                 
         1. One of the wires (12V) should be connect to door side light or top light in car, the other wire is ground.
         2. Open the door; remove the plastic door panels with the tool.
         3. Choose the fit position to drill a hole; the size of hole should be the same as the lens of laser LOGO door light.
         4. Fix the laser LOGO door light with screw tightly.
         5. Check if the light’s working normally; if not, please check the wire is connected right
         6. Fix the plastic door panels with the tool.