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        Uniformity COB LED Ring

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        1.100% brand new and test.
        2.Each SMD ring consists of many tiny super bright LEDs, No dark space between every two LEDs .while other normal SMD rings have a big dark space between every two LEDs;
        3. The brightness of uniformity SMD ring is 2~3 times as bright as other normal SMD ring. 
        4.The uniformity SMD ring come with a heat sink outside-connected, it discharge the heat very fast,and therefore well protect the ring board from over-heated.
        5. Voltage: 12~24V with constant currency and non-polarity wire design.
        6. Available colors: white, blue and red, yellow and green.
        7. Available size: 60mm  70mm  80mm  90mm  100mm  110mm  120mm  130mm  140mm  131mm 145mm.
        8.Unitformity SMD ring present a very nice lighting ring to decorate your car's headlamp, and make the headlight ring very beautiful, charming and attractive, compared to CCFL and other SMD rings.
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