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        Moto LED headlight, Back-up LED Light

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        1. Fast start, no blind area, good material for good heat-dissipation,
        2. Integrated design, easy installation,fits for more than 90% motorcycle,
        3. 360 degree, efficiency up 30%,
        4. Big power fan, 6500rpm,  Imported ceramic layer Package, for fast heat-release, long Life-Span >=30000hr
        5. Big range voltage 8V-36V with full brightness,
        6. Energy-save 60% & 2 times brightness than halogen bulb, 
        7. Over voltage protection,
        8. Achieved high luminance as HID Xenon,
        9. Excellent heat resistant, shockproof. Durable performance design,
        10. More concentrated beam, better cutoff line pattern
        11. Direct Plug and Play replacement, no extra wiring required
        12. Working temp. Between 60° C~80°C.
        13. Perfect replacement for halogen/hid xenon headlights. No modification or retrofitting needed,
        14. Built-in fan. High speed! Excellent Heat dissipation,Water-proof! Anti-shock,
        15. No warm up time.
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